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- Nadia Gerrassimenko

VVelcome to FORD KNOWS

For lovers of serial fiction, autofiction, short/flash fiction, creative non-fiction and essays, personal stories with a cheeky bent, sundry curiosities, oddities & quirks ~

A weekly dose of original writing, essays, and wonder ~

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Sometimes silly, sometimes serious ~

Basically, a fruit basket with fur, every Friday.


Mr. Troy Ford is an LGBTQ+ writer and editor from California living on the Gold Coast of Spain about 30 minutes outside of Barcelona in Europe’s answer to Fire Island: Sitges.

Mr. Ford has been a grocery store bagger, a babysitter, a gardener, a burger flipper, a fry guy, a shopkeeper, a concessionaire, a greenskeeper, a hashslinger, a caterer, a shampoo boy, a bookseller, a librarian, an archivist, a massage therapist, a taxi driver, a margins analyst, a stock broker, a textiles specialist, an interior designer, and most recently, an émigré, house HUSBAND, & dog DADDY.

This cacophony of experience informs much of the nonsense you will find besetting your Inbox each week.

He is currently querying his first novel, Watrspout, and publishing his new LGBTQ+ serial fiction, Lamb, right here.

You might check out some his Greatest Hits to get a little more flavor for what to expect:

And finally, let us introduce you to SpokesCat, VVilliam, who handles all the public-facing stuff because MTF is officially The Least Photogenic Person on Earth.


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