I am a writer from California living on the coast of Spain about 30 minutes outside of Barcelona in Sitges. I have been a grocery store bagger, a babysitter, a gardener, a burger flipper, a fry guy, a shopkeeper, a concessionaire, a greenskeeper, a hashslinger, a caterer, a shampoo boy, a bookseller, a librarian, a massage therapist, a taxi driver, a margins analyst, a stock broker, an interior designer, and most recently, an émigré, houseHUSBAND, & dog DADDY. This cornucopia of experiences informs much of the nonsense you will find on “FORD KNOWS.”

I’m currently querying my first novel “Watrspout” and writing my second, working title “According to Marc.” You will hear more about these, and you can also read more on my website.

Visit mrtroyford.com

“FORD KNOWS” replaces my quarterly newsletter originally hosted on Revue by Twitter, a platform they deleted in January (Thanks, Elon.) We’re a bit more prolific here on Substack: every Friday, with occasional midweek zingers.

I will continue to emphasize original creative writing—autofiction (stories from my life gently manipulated to amuse and shock,) short/flash fiction, creative non-fiction/essays/book reviews—whenever possible.

I hope to keep things light-hearted, though I do get a bit exercised about social justice, climate activism, spirituality, and of course, writing, art, and creativity.

You might check out my post about finding a niche to get a little more flavor for what to expect:

A NICHE! A Niche! My *Queendom For a Niche!
*I mean King Putting the finishing touches last month on the soft launch of FORD KNOWS, I came across an article about finding a niche for your author platform. They made an excellent point: Standing out in a crowded field sometimes requires you to narrow rather than broaden your focus…
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And finally, let me introduce you to my spokescat, VVilliam, who handles all the public-facing stuff because I am officially The Least Photogenic Person on Earth. ¡Gracias! O.o

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