Ok Troy I’m not sure if we can remain friends. Cher beats Dolly!? Granted, I must bow to your expertise in all things Diva but c’mon. Dolly is an incomparable force of nature with a heart of rhinestone encrusted gold. Regardless of your flawed result, I enjoyed the game. Such a fun trip down memory lane. I’d totally forgotten about the witches of eastwick!

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I’m going to need some time to process this...

Ok, now I’ve recovered from the America’s Grandmother round…I agree! As nerve wracking as this was (and I don’t know why, it was win win either way) it was such a joy to learn about Cher’s dedication to the elephants (minus the violently cringy image of her singing to one) and also of Dolly’s colossal library of songs - 3000?! The woman is a machine. Thank you Troy, I do so love your battles 💜

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I came here impartial. I leave feeling educated and entertained.

Well played. 😊😁👏

Who's next on the list?!

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Hahaha. This is a hilarious post, my friend. What a hard battle they faced. Both ladies are worthy opponents! Speaking of Dolly and films, there's a good one with her and Stallone: Rhinestone. Please ignore the low score, it's actually a really fun watch!

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I wish I'd known about the cherry puke scene before watching it whilst tucking into a snack...! It's no good telling me the clue was in the title,...😂 Another film I've got to add to my to-watch list, if a bit scared about it...

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I love both of them. Musically, I'm with Dolly for the whole package because of her enormous contribution to songwriting. Moonstruck is a great movie ; wonderful cast and direction plus I'm a John Patrick Shanley fan. 9 to 5 is a fave, too. That photo of Dom DeLuise made my day

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No one can say you’re not committed to your subject!!! This was really funny. Who’s next?

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Super fun read 😂 I have no strong feelings about either of them (I know, sorry) but really enjoyed this instruction in why I should. 🤝

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When you wrote "great effort, but not a knockout," about Moonstruck my monocle popped out.

Then I had to run the math both directions when you wrote "Polyamory before everyone was doing it." But then I decided this was in fact possible, but highly unlikely, even in a more equitable Bechdel universe.

Silkwood would have taken out Whorehouse in Texas with one hand behind Mike Nichols' back. You've stacked the deck with your clever "I haven't seen it." My other monocle popped out.

I almost stopped reading when you included a picture of Dom DeLuise, and then I almost stopped reading with the picture of Cher in All or Nothing for completely different reasons.

And now there is a Saving Elephants Category? If we're just going to make up random categories, then how about Saving a Beehive? Point to Dolly.

Point to neither of them: that interview. That was tough sledding. Cole Porter is turning in his grave like he's on a pig spit.

(trigger warning below ******** strong language and grown up ideation below ********** please initial here, here and here **********)

They are both very strong in a category you didn't mention: GMILFs. Possibly GGMILFs. This one I'd call a tie.

Believe me, if I could turn back time on reading the word "MATCH."

("Team Dolly," he writes while burping cherry pits.)

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This was great Troy. I will admit I do not know as much about these two Divas as I clearly should - they are damn interesting!

But I was blown away by how much expertise you hold in this area. Not only that but the factoids (I mean, the elephant), the humorous quips, the impeccable writing, and the scientific rigour with which you conducted this analysis was nothing short of exceptional.

Below are a few things I had to pick out as they made me laugh, smile, and nod along in agreement.

“Monocles in.” - love it

“I was a tad young for Sonny & Cher-Cher, and Middle-Cher’s music was a bit of a muddle, so I really didn’t become a believer until Believe, and yet, it is All or Nothing from the same album I’ll probably be screaming at the top of my lungs in The End, from my bespoke handbasket to you-know-where.” - absolutely brilliant writing.

“She may not be the Queen of County, but when she bleeds, Southern Comfort gushes out.” - hilarious

“I’ve said time and again that if we spent as much money on education as national defense, we could solve 80% of society’s problems within a generation.” - Amen

“And then there’s the elephant.” - wait what?! - this read is so fun.

“Obviously, I love Cinderella (obviously.)” - perfect use of the brackets!

Thanks Troy

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"Deep down, I (am afraid of) respect Cher. Meanwhile, I LOVE Dolly" Too funny. And while you make a compelling point, I must deduce that the results have been tampered with, as you so eloquently have revealed yourself! Cher must win, out of your fear of having her lose against the one and only Diva Dolly. So you see, the real winner is the one you can love. ;)

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Ah the memories! (Though I had to look up ‘Plop plop fizz fizz’!!) Hilarious. Thanks so much.

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I admit, I was rooting for Dolly…

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Dolly wins hands down. Anyone who can make a music instrument out of her nails deserves a permanent place as Queen Diva...what has cher got other than the elixer of eternal life?

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