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Always fun to go in a spree. Especially when your husband advises that you’d be better to do so. OMG! Maybe there’s a God after all.

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Sprreee wheeee.

Lovely stuff, what a boon.

I can spot a Vintage spine a mile away. Had to zoom-enhance to see what it was before I scrolled and saw you then went into details. Not read it, but probably should.

Only read Calvino's "If on a winter's night ...", which I enjoyed.

What is this Little, Big I've never heard of?!! Instant TBR based on yours and Le Guin's words.

Also, fave line: "a whole lot of web and no spider—pretty but bloodless." 😁

Hope the unemployment is brief. And an advanced happy birthday for soon!

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This was such a fun read Troy.

I very much enjoy your sassy humour. Your notion that shopping is the fiercest of all sports was hilarious.

And how fun to go on a shopping spree that is actually encouraged! - my partner would love this.

I also found your comparison of Spain and the US really interesting, I hope to make it to Spain one day it sounds amazing.

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sounds like a great spree! mine would probably include a lot of yarn, more noir mysteries, and a fedora. happy pre-birthday and fingers crossed for a new job for your hubster soon. :)

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Coco Cubana & the tulips are a delight, as are your new glasses - is the fantastic wooden nose that they’re rested on part of the spree-hoard, too? I’m in love with it.

I really enjoyed Higgs’ Blake book. Almost as much as I loved hearing about your tête-à-tête with Cressida Bell!!

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I love the picture of Mangeaux. Forced shopping spree....how terrible....

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I would LOVE to shop with you.

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« Unfortunately, it feels to me like a whole lot of web and no spider—pretty but bloodless »

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That looks like a good haul. The local library had a book fair last week and we came back with a pile of stuff for a whopping $20, and that was a donation, if you're a boor, or really hard up, you can walk out with the stock for free. They do these 4 times a year... good stuff! I had a Calvino streak in my early twenties. It was suitably baffling :)

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